Worsening Weather

Food Shortage from Droughts

Many of the world's fertile farm fields which are being rained on are now receiving too much rain and are being flooded. Conversely, if the corn, soybean, and wheat growers in Australia, China, Europe, North America's western mountain and prairie provinces, and North Korea ever experience a hotter, drier summer than what they were put through most recently, the rest of us will be slammed with run-away food prices (and maybe something even nastier from North Korea).

Also, if you are among the apparent many who seem not terribly bothered that global warming is pushing polar bears toward extinction by separating their Arctic Ocean food source from them during critical times of the year--does it bother you a little more that global warming is pushing 10 of the world's 17 penguin species toward extinction largely by separating the only food source (ice-bound diatoms), from their principal food source (krill) in the southern ocean during critical times of the year?

If the approaching loss of all of the world's polar bears (outside of zoos) and most of the world's penguins does not upset you that much, have you decided just what will? Have you decided where you will draw your line on global warming, and then just what you are going to do when the world crosses your line?